"I recently purchased an Urban Quiver 3.0 and have found it to be a delightful companion. My "kit" is a Canon Rebel T3i/600D, a Tamron 18-270mm, a Sigma 150-500mm, a couple of filters for each, lens hoods, spare batteries, a tactical rifle sling(for the camera) and with a pair of external tripod mount straps even my good solid Cullman tripod and my Triggerstick II bipod can be carried with ease and relative easy access.There is even room for a rain cover for the camera, and lens cleaning kit, and a 12mm macro extension tube and a 1.4x teleconverter inside. With the handy end handles on the bag it is easy to to tuck it into the trunk of my car(a tiny little old 1990 Miata) or, on windy days, is works as a nice counterweight when hung under the tripod. Unfortunatly I have no photos of my bag in use as when I am on a "walkabout shoot" my camera is not pointed at me!
I look forward to seeing whats next in line from these innovative folks, perhaps a slightly larger dimension for those who carry bigger camera bodies with battery packs attached?" -Bruce Howard

"Yes, we love Blackstone Bags! The rainfly is a must have here in Oregon. This bag protects your equipment, and is comfortable to carry. Great product!" -Matt Brown

"I really love my Urban Quiver by Blackstone Bags, they made it strong, simple and looks totally awesome. It makes people talk about my bag not camera or shots." - Ian Neri

"Recently purchased the Urban Quiver and I love the bag. Works well carrying lenses and tools while shooting sports. Durable and great for a lightweight tripod and everything I need for outside shoots! I love this thing if it came in colors I would order another one just for style." - Pastor Arthur Thompson Jr

"Love my quiver!!! you guys got it here super quick - thanks!" - Erik Shute

"Love this bag! I use it for a camera with a long lens attached, and occasionally with a tripod. Carrying the tripod was annoying at first, because it unbalanced the bag, but changing the position to the left side helped. Highly recommend the Quiver for anyone using long lenses up to 400mm f5.6." - Sylvia Hunt

"Blackstone Bags designed their Urban Quiver Camera Bag to serve as the ultimate day companion for the wandering photog. Unlike the ubiquitous pouches and messenger bag clones that dominate the market, the Quiver’s skinny design compliments the natural length of most camera gear — making it perfect for walking through busy areas. Since the main compartment can’t be accessed while being worn, there’s also no need to fret about your precious equipment winding up on the next episode of Pawn Stars." - Gear Patrol

"The standard camera bag is fast becoming the modern day fanny pack. With tourists in large brimmed hats, hiked up tube socks and t-shirts displaying their excitement for the city they’re visiting carrying the small rectangular bags around, it’s high time for guys like us to find a more stylish option to tote our camera equipment around in. What looks at first like a wide-ass ninja sword sheath, the Urban Quiver Camera Bag is actually the ultimate means of camera gear transport. Designed to more efficiently hold long pieces of equipment, the bag also keeps everything safe since the main compartment can’t be opened while you’re wearing it – hello subway. The inside of the tubular bag has three movable dividers so you can arrange all your gear how you see fit, and since it won’t add a disproportionate amount of weight to one side of your body, you can ride your bike with it without fear of teetering over and crushing your pricey Nikon." -Cool Material

"Got my bag today... Well done. Thanks guys!" - Jeremy Anania

"Hi Guys, I got my Urban Quiver today in Bangkok. Immediately set my 2 reflex + 1 zoom + some small stuff inside, and.... IT IS....GREAT!!! Thank you Blackstone Guys, you have done such a nice bag.Particular thanks to Tom who has followed up my file very kindly. Now it is time for me to go out with my bag. Hahaha
PS: I am telling about the Urban Quiver to all my friends here. Hopefully you'll see more orders from Thailand. Thai people love taking pictures." - Claude Berger

"I bought the UQ for my husband for father's day, after seeing it on babyology.com.au (over a year ago! I bookmarked the post). He is a professional photographer who usually carries a big bag around but LOVES this - it's so compact and slimline, yet carries everything he needs for a fairly simple shoot, or for a day out. We love! Thank you." - Melissa Chlad

"There really isn’t much to not like on this new camera bag from Blackstone Bags. The long rectangular shape derives from packing cameras and lenses in a more efficient way than traditional camera bags which carry all components in one large mass. The interior features three removable dividers for a custom fit for your gear. Security is upped a factor as well, because the the main compartment cannot be opened while you’re wearing the bag. It certainly goes without saying that it’s got a really unique and sleek look to it too. The Urban Quiver Bag is designed and manufactured in Portland, OR." - bltd

"Congratulations Guys - I just learned about this on GearPatrol, will be buying one soon." - Sam Nathan


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