The Urban Quiver in The Wolverine movie? August 23 2013

Have any of you seen Marvel's "The Wolverine"? If you have you may have noticed a familiar looking quiver. Back when the movie purchased a bag from us we were eager to see how they would use our bag. From the looks of Shingen's quiver we knew there was some Blackstone bags inspiration.

We knew there was something cool happening when the phone rang about a year ago. Someone called and said they needed a bag, and they needed it shipped that day. While it is nice to get a phone call from a customer, rush orders aren't our specialty. We listened and found out that they needed it for a movie, and they needed us to bring it to their headquarters. That got our attention so we drove it down and delivered the goods.

After about two months they told us that the movie was Wolverine, but unfortunately they weren't going to be using the Urban Quiver in the movie. When Chris Pugh asked on our facebook page if the Urban Quiver was featured in The Wolverine we had to check it out.


Shingin's quiver was definitely Urban Quiver inspired. Pretty thrilling to see our design influence on the movie industry.